How long will it take to reach recovery?

As long as you make it. The journey is a short as you prepared to work at it – the harder you work at it, the shorter the journey. Staying recovered is a continual journey, that’s what I will coach you through. Abstinence is just the beginning of recovery.

How much will it cost?

Our Monday night group recovery meetings are free of charge. The intensive Life Recovery Program caries a monthly investment of R2 500,00. One-on-one coaching charges apply after the first free session and will be determined upon consultation. You can view all the programs here.

Are meetings discreet?

All meetings are confidential and as discreet as possible.

What will I need to do?

You will need to be open, vulnerable, honest and be willing to sacrifice some things.

Does ADCA offer additional support for recovering addicts?

ADCA is a centre to equip people with the tools to overcome their addiction and live a sustainable life in recovery. It is not a medical facility, a rehabilitation facility, or a church. Our programs are designed to challenge and grow people as they take control of their own recovery and deal with underlying root causes that led to addictive behaviours.

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