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About ADCA

Since 2013, we have been leading people into victory from their addictions.

What we do.

Against Drugs and Child Abuse has a drop-in/addiction recovery centre located in Umhlali, where the values of love, care and accountability are re-established in a drug-free zone dedicated to helping people of all ages, cultures and religions; with addiction recovery coaches available to address the problems that have led users into the world of drugs. It is a place in which to address anxieties and addictions, with no fear of possible judgement.

Our mission is to see people courageously strive towards a life of recovery from a life of addiction and slavery.

ADCA strives to see our community healed of the sickness of addictions that are infecting so many families. Using one-on-one and group addiction recovery coaching sessions, ADCA uses practical and well-established programs to help people suffering from all forms of addiction courageously strive towards a life of freedom, wholeness and sustainable recovery.

We have a heart for broken hurting people. The team trusts God for the tools and connections to mend families, mend broken hearts and set captives free from the slavery of addiction.

Headed up by Rex

I’m Rex Hunt and I have a passion to see our community healed of the sickness of drugs and abuse that is infecting so many families.

Families are meant to be secure safe places for children to grow up in and for young adults to be steered in the right direction. Many potential people in our community never get to be who they are destined to be because substance abuse has stolen it away from them.

My heart with ADCA is to provide that safe place in our community to equip people to take control over their addiction and begin the journey of sustainable recovery.

Our programs

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