About ADCA

About ADCA
I’m Rex Hunt and ADCA is my passion.

I have been in this area for the last fifteen years and am involved in other upliftment projects in the area. My passion is to see ADCA become sustainable here on the Dolphin Coast. My wife is a school teacher and counsellor and is involved with me in other areas of ministry. My two children have been locally schooled at Umhlali Preparatory.

I have a passion to see our community healed of the sickness of drugs and abuse that is infecting so many families. Families are meant to be secure safe places for children to grow up in and for young adults to be steered in the right direction. Many potential people in our community never get to be who they were destined to be, because substance abuse has stolen it away from them.

I grew up on a farm, and after matriculating I went game farming in the bush. I had no clue about drugs. I knew a bit about dagga, I knew it was good for horses to eat when they had some disease, that is about all I knew.

When I moved to Ballito ten years ago, I slowly started to notice the effects drugs had on people. I would also hear stories of abused children and women. I really understood the effects of drugs when my daughter was in her last few years of high school. She would sometimes share with me of what she had seen happen to people her age. She would even joke asking me what drug should she bring home for me today, to prove how easily available they are. I am just so grateful my family has not been effected by drugs and together we are going to make a radical difference in our area.

My wife and I also run a Zulu Ministry in Ballito, preaching in Zulu to our local diverse community. Our hearts are for broken hurting people. We trust God for the tools and connections with people who catch our passion; to mend families, mend broken hearts and set captives free from addictions and the need to abuse.